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mooning..... tteir homes ddstroyed. the recovery -3 is on. 3 3 a spectacclar meteorrshower &pcreates disaster innrussia... whats leftttonight rom the blast ttat, witnesses say, felt like a bomb.... the news is next.
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>> chris: "fox," "sprint unlimited" live in daytona. 37-year-old kevin harvick in the gen-6 car celebrating in victory lane. matt yocum is there. [ cheers & applause ] >> matt: chris the night started out with little keelan sitting in dad's future winning racecar. so much was unknown going in tonight. you knew stewart would make a move. was it move you expected them to try? what was it like sitting there waiting? >> well, i was nervous about the 20 and the 14. i thought their cars were a little bit better than what we had. i want to thank sprint and
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the race fans. this is where everybody sitting in the stands and at home. budweiser bag boy buggy realty and everybody to put the car on the racetrack. good way to start off speed weeks. >> matt: what kind of a statement does it send to folks who were repeating the lame duck phrase this year? >> it's about winning races and politics and one thing but in the racetrack it's about making this car as fast as it will go and those guys, they don't care about anything but winning. wanting to do good. so he owe it to them. everybody at budweiser. we had to take their name off the race to win it. awesome day for us. >> matt: congratulations. >> thank you. >> matt: win number three in the "sprint unlimited." >> chris: thank you. as kevin harvick said time going in richard childress racing i want to leave it better than i found it before he moves on. a lot to accomplish.
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but with michael waltrip brad keselowski the guest analyst. you did good so far picking stewart and harvick. fatherhood treating kevin harvick very well and the aggressive driving. what did we learn about the generation 6 car tonight? >> we saw kevin harvick and tony stewart guys that drive aggressively are rewarded. that is a key thing. we saw greg biffle made a great move for the lead at the end but kevin harvick drove more aggressive and made it work. that's what won him the race. >> michael: i like being part of the fox team. glad he has a job. >> chris: pretty good. >> michael: picks a whistle the first segment. picked the race winner. i agree with brad 100%. the guys that are aggressive made it happen. one thing i was disappointed at the end was people trying to figure out what to do. a new car. there is new challenges. so nobody really made a move. the first guy to move was logano who dove down from the fourth and fifth spot. got third at the end. maybe if they moved sooner and everybody watching like brad and the guys in the race will say all right maybe we got to make the move sooner. >> chris: remember tony stewart said it will be ten
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minutes and i'll figure things out and he did with that aggressive driving. welcome in guys from the booth. set things up nicely for the daytona 500. a week from sunday. >> mike: well, kevin harvick led 40 of 75 laps. but matt kenseth is known for his patience. but tonight he tried everything to get to the front. he just couldn't get any help. >> darrell: no, but i am really happy with this racecar. there were so many doubts how this thing would race, with the little rear spoiler would it be too loose in could they run three wide? could they bump? or draft? we didn't see pushing and shoving but great race and we saw an exciting finish. kevin harvick he loves this kind of race. his old car owner is happy about this, too. because it makes a statement to the rest of the guys. he may be leaving but we ain't done yet. >> larry: he is leaving but new places knopped faces. joey logano now over at penske racing. matt kenseth at joe gibbs racing getting top five finishes. good way to start the new season with the new ride. >> mike: kevin harvick celebrates as we go to steve
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byrnes. >> steve: tony, what happened early in the race when there the big wreck broke loose? >> i got a big run on the 20. i went to the bottom. i thought i was cleared and the spotter did not clear me. i went on my own and i thought i had enough run to be clear of the third place guy. i'm pretty sure i clipped whoever was in third. so i i made a move for the lead. and probably was anxious too early. but it was -- i was kind of stagnant where i was at and having fun moving forward and i felt racy. >> steve: thank you. >> chris: it was a split second decision by kevin harvick. kind of a double-block move to hold off tony stewart. and greg biffle. chevy edges ford in the "sprint unlimited." we'll have more from daytona in a moment.
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>> chris: terrific move by harvick to win. aerial coverage provided by goodyear. everything we learn making tires we inspire into your tires. >> michael: i talked about athleticism and split-send moves. watch that harvick did twice. amazing he could squeeze the car up in front of biffle and it drove him to the win. great lap that kevin harvick drove. >> chris: former daytona 500 winner. and the third time in the last five years he has captured this event. and the "sprint unlimited." we thank you for your voting involvement tonight. and the fire suit selected for miss sprint cup.
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waiting for that. >> on board? >> my favorite part. thanks for having me here. >> chris: yeah. out of your fire suit, you will be in there tomorrow for the front row poll qualifying. opening defense again of your championship. a week from sunday in the daytona 500. >> yeah. miller lite ford we will be back and ready to go. defend our title next weekend. daytona 500. let's do it. >> chris: you will be there as well. looking for -- you trade your suits for fire suits. he will be back out there as well. >> i like the other suit better. this is nice. my other suit is better. >> michael: daytona 500 defines my career winning here before. every year i can't wait to be part of the great american race. >> chris: he reminds me of that. "i'm a two-time daytona 500 champ." >> michael: you're a good anchor man. >> chris: next on fox, the late local news. "30 seconds to fame" following that later. pole qualifying, right here tomorrow from daytona. week from tomorrow, daytona 500. 1:00 eastern 10:00 pacific you will see michael and brad
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keselowski in action. see who is on the pole on the front row for the 55th running of the great american race. week from sunday at noon eastern, the daytona 500. kevin harvick part of that. for brad, michael i'm chris myers. the entire fox crew, thank you for being here for the "sprint unlimited." join us tomorrow and week from sunday for "fox." "nascar on fox." captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> so much for the lame duck, right?
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3---------------------------- ---------------------------- & fedeeal agents raid a dundalk market. markee. i wouldn't do that because i doo't want to get lockee uu. & that left endors facing 3 -------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------
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the cleanup from aaonce in disaster -&p33 tonight, new video of the 3-------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- & ppus, a mmoher arrrsted after --3 a school assembby sttipptease. -3 tte charges that arr far worse than hhrrchild's embarrassment. 3 hello, 'm jeff abell..- abell.ann i''mkaren parks. the -3 terps have taken down the secood ranked blue devils. devils. -3 3& maayland bested duke inn -3 tiggt game onight.... morgan adsit is ere to break down thh stunning psse. 3 i don't think maryyann fans -3 pan hype his up enouug...the terps... who have been struggling... and aeeaabubble ttam for the n-c-a-a touunament...just beat numbee 2 duke...and prooably ffr thh last timeein college park... & peeause of conference realignment in the a-c-c...and marrland heading to the big's the finish.... a minute left...duke down 5...
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seconds ddeiis &down 3..jake laymannfouls & rasheed sulamon taking a 3... he ade all 3 free thrrws to tie it at 88....5 seecnds remaininn...seth allen penetrrtes...misses but ggts fouled...makes bott from tte charity stripe.... marrland in -3 front by 2....last chance or duke...d-c natiie... quinn 3 floor...terps beat duuee83-'' their first win over 3 alex len dominates theebest 3 the orioles want more than a poos season appearance.later pn portssunllmited. as you can imagine, the 3 college park campus tonight. students celebrrted chapel field tonight. 3 office ssnt us this photo just after the win. &p3 police have blocked off 3 fans are celebrating in the middle of the street tonight. -3 3 3 and it waa a siiilar scene
10:16 pm
here on baltimore avenue as pnothhr crowd oo studnets massed to celebrate. in the ppst there hhaeebeen roblems iwwh ooe rowdy fanssafter big wins, but so far it seems to be a controlled celebration. 33 show us yourrttrrs ppide or pictures you ook from the game and celebrationn seee tt shoot it and senddit to pics at fox baltimore dot ccm or upload it directly onto our facebook wall. -3 &p a raid on a dundaak flea markee brinns sales to stop today..... 3 janice parr ii streaming live at the northpoinn lea mmrkkt.... market....where a lottof - tonight. janicee janice?jeff and karen16 vendors behind 3 me wereeserved with warrants - toddy...detectives weee walking out wwth boxes today full of anything from ffke &ppusic and nikes and uggs. uggs. 33 3& "itts so unbelievable" unbelievabll""you got a lot of 3& couuty police say for
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monnhs...underccverr detectives have been buying ccunnerfeit goods from vendors. today, 16 were serree with warrants... warrants..."that's a lot, that'' a lot"ann their inventory...takee away inn oxes: boxes:"cops everyyhere, should i get out the car,stayyinnthe 3juss never now" detectives ssht down the flea make sure the vendors involved -& stayee at the scene and their goods, now evidenne, wwsn't removed..olice tok away movies, music, shoee and cllthing: -3 clothing:"they really o havee nice thhnns in there, it amaaes me" me""righh with the shoes the handbags ho ould know it was - fake"police say the vendors were selling fakes items with thh brand namess ike ike, 3 know 'mmtrrsting &psell is real, and it's nott -3 pight"3 today, here ere
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repreeentatives with the recording ndustry and motion ppcture associatioo.customers say they're upset, ii these vendoos weee illegally ttying - to make a quuck buck, at the expenne of others. others." i wouldn't do thht beccuse i wwuldn't ant to be pockee p my freedom is too impootant" &p3 in total, there's about 200 vendorssat this flea market...onlyy16 are being &pwereenooarrests today...beccuse first - trademark experts will be used to ddublecheck he items are -33& n dundalk, jp fox45 news at ten. 3 flea markets arr under greater pressuue these days o insure their merchandise is legiiimate. legitimate. ten-months &pago, federal agents raided the patapsco flea markkt, innsouth baltimore... according 70-percent offname-brand items solddaa
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that market...were fake. at the time, they dollars worthhof fake handbagg, vd's and sports invessigators say vendors &pseldoo pay taxes on tte sale immacts those who sell them legitimatelyy 3 3 a fatter and son ook a trip on the wattr and ended up 33 rrsccee ii happened near taagier island.. hhirrboot raa agrouud and when the coast guard came to help, ttey ran aground s well. theefather and son along witt the two coass guurd rescuers werr all airllfted tt safety early thii & morning. 3 a baltimoreecity firefighter whoos accuued of running a sex ring... is facinn federal -3 charges onight. saa jamar simmons operated an on-line prootitution ring. according to a federal indicttent, immonn --3 transsorted females ...froo seven diffeeent states to engage innprostitution in - mmryland. one of ttem ws a minor. it makes mm sicc to hink someone who'' imbued with the public's ttust, omeone who &ppeople count on to rrscue them and save their lives, iss
10:20 pm
involveddii activityythat -3 kills tte spirit and often tte body of someonn who is 3& trafffcking."llst summer, looal and federal authorities raided warehouse on soothh pulaski stteet where simmons heeremains in pail ttnightt 3 an overnight fireeleaves &ptonight.paul gessler repootts killed. -3 3 caasius:"i ee it. t'ssvery scary."a bulldozer finishes -3 firefighters' work saturday - morning.lisa: "it's all muddy and nasty frommall the water & that they haddto use to stop the fiie..caassus classen waaches wwth is motterr & caasius:"they're aking it down ann they're gonna build it agaan when it's all down."a camp road in cooumbia cauggt fire at 4 in the morning. 3 "flames--they werr oming out the front winddw---robably six - ffet out the window." winnow.""high enough, ike, theetop of the tree wws almost on ffrr."lisa raynovich:"i & lloked out myykids' bedroom
10:21 pm
&pwindow anddcould ctually seee the flames ccming out from the backssie of the ouse."a two- alarm fire raged forrmore than an hour...daniel stoutenboroogh:"it assreaaly blazing, for surr.""sscopss knnccee on doorsslisa raynovich:"he said, 'you need to get out. therees a ire.' soon aa he toll me thhtt i shut my window and i rrn upstairssto grrb my roommate and myykids."neiggbors caughh the choos before aybbeak.ccll phone video: ""his is not just one station..this is all of howard county right now!"inn &ppll, more than 60 firefighters - actually injured a eg in the firefight. caasius:"i wanted to gg somewhere safe awayyffom the fire, and me aad my mom just did that."paul gesslerr reporter:"neighbors ssy the -3 pan who lives in this ppartment runs a paper route morning. ttey say he asn't even homeewhen tte fire broke out."daniel stoutenborough: -3 "luckily everryodyywas out. & yeah, there woull have een -3 somm livee lost. thaa's for sure."firefighters say 17 people... áwere in the tto plllmaae it out.out of them, nnne of them actually lvvd here.(nats: wall ccmiig down)
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the red cross is helpinn them tonight..aniel toutenborrugh: "it's razy."in columbia, ddniel (con't): "it really shows you what fire can do." pauu gessler, fox45 news at ten. the cause of he fire is still under investigatiin.that 3 the fire... was treeteedand released from the hospital. 3& the fire is out nd the investiggtioo is east &pbaltimore ttnight. tonight. p3 crews speet the afteenoon tackling a fiie that rippee through a vacant home n 3 phe fire from spreading to a neighboring church. the cause is ssill uukkown. 3 and a section of light ssreet near the inner harbor -3 is shhtddwn tonight as crews remove a pedestrian brrdge... they're replacing the 33- harborplace with the hyatt &phottl. theearea ii expected to re-opee just in time for ruuh hour monday morning. the same street will be shhtdoon again this spring foorthe coostruction of the ew bridge. 3 cctt rrcccentee scheduled to pprmaaently close....reopenee today with - recreation ceeter was
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3 mayor's rec center plans to - ccoseedelapidated buildings and enters with depletee ssaffing ...... so the prooram stepped up to the -3 plate....and will now operate thissnnrthheast rec center..... & center..... - 3(38:27)soccer basketball mentoring......before after school programs.... programs.... 3 heecityyclosed nearly ten promises to spped 19 million dolllrs ooer the next few years to uild and renovate &pffuu state of the art facilltiess... - 3 tte number one team ii tte country was on the court --3 ttnight in front of a paaked houue. poose. p3 the aryland ravenn are wheelchair athletes who, in halettorpe tonight, took on the teaa rrnked twentiethhin the couutry. at tip-off there wasn'ttan open seat in the building. 3 010226 we ttied toopromote this game oc::as you an see, they have 010235 010235 3 he ravens won bott theii -
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games tonnght.....making their -3 record 11--nd-zero for the & season.....and sending them & one step closer to nother - national title. most girls dream of their weddinn day... but typically cringe at the thought of is doinn its best to hhll brides chip away atttheir bottom line... all while supporting a worthy cause. 3brides against reass cancer made its way to baltimore. the tour features 1-thousand & pew and gently used designer gowns. all dresses are offered at a pissounted rate---rrnging from 25 ercent to 85 percent off. 3 prrceees go to breast cancer &&p -3 cancer.>the event is not justt about buying the perfect gown--
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& -former brides cannalso donate &ppayments, layaway is an optton. the show ran from 10 to 5 today and was eld at thh sherrton city center downtown. the toor heads to richmond virginia next weekend. - 3 & 3 a speccacullr peteer shower cceates disasterr-3& in russia. whats left...ffom the bbast which -33& witnesses sayy elt like a 3&3& protesting the & ipeline. the benefits off the project environmentaliits & 3 a mother charged -3 aftee aapep rally strip tease. &p the eason she took her ccild's llssmatts. p3
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3 p thousandssoffpeople ...are racing to ccean-up & ttnight after that powerful meteor explosion over russiaa russia. adammhousleyyshhws s the bbast that blee outt -3 windows and damaaed buildings ... in a regioo where residents aae allo dealing &pwiih freezing temperrtures. temppratures. -33 3 it's being called a city of bboken glass. morr than - twenty-four thouuand people now working to lean-up the - pamage in ussia'ss chel-áyyá-binsk reeiio. & friday's meteorrexplosion ... - blowing out windows in more thhn four-thouuand buildings. sustaiiing ijuries ... most caussd by flying glass. mikhailovna saas: "i tood the that, the eteor exppoded. ttey were all fine. howevee, when they ot back to their seatss a piece of glass flew aboveetheir head." the packed as uch powwr s átwennyá hiroshima atomic bombs. nasa estiiates & the mmteer tt have been about 55-feet cross and weighiig 10-tons ... tteesame as smalllr than the unrelattd asttroid that fleewby earth a flew hours later. the damaged buildings and brokeen
10:29 pm
windows ... creating a dangerous situation... ith midday temperatures overing around 11 degrees fahrenhhit. oo ... ssme residents are peading out to a frozennlake toolooo for meeeorite fragments.morozov sayy: "ii noticed thattone of these down this way. aad i thouggt, an asteroid issflyyng, there are shatters, i better pay and thennof ourse go aad explore them.'' on cam ttg) the region's gvernorr estimates theedamage to be - around thirty-three million & dollars.he s ppommsiig residenns ll bboken windows willlbe reppaced in a lossangelle, dam ousley, ffx nnww. -3 3p this tax season is -3 on-hhld foo some filers... as the i-r-s makes changes to complyywitt the fiscal cciff 3 until this week... the i-r-s was not acccpting somme specialized tax forms... like depreciatton of property forms & as well as those for education &psome ilers quessioning when deliveeedd . 3
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our amily tradition, we get together for valentine'ssdaa for everyone and we weren't & aabe to do that becauss it costs to throw somethinn nice. - so we have to ait noow> & 3 those wissing to ffle tax forms for residential energy credits and general business crridts... muss wait a little longer. the i-r-s has not announced when it'lllbegin processing thhse forms. 3 tomorrow, climate change -3 ppooesters will ggther in washington d.c. to rally aganist a proposed oil pipeline through ameriia'ss heartland.organizers aim to keystone x-l oil pipellne from 3& propooents bblieve it wiil createethousands of jobs and towaad eneegy indeppndencee & kristine frazao breaks down the pipellne at thh hhart of -3 tte contrrvvrsyy 3theetar sands ii oil rich allerta, canadd is either a environmental disaaser in &pwaating to the liies his
10:31 pm
world hass everrseen.[michael marx ]in 16:49 "ttat decision leads us off a climate cliff aad that cliff is goong o bee - tt be hugely dangerouss"trt=:08 [pipeeine layering ovvr "117,00o jobs"]kill the trans canaddan pipeline, and proponents say nearly 20 thoosand new u-s jobs will go &down theetubes along with the uniied states..[take sot chrissopher prandoni] in 32:15 "this issnot some random arbitrary piieline. we have beee oinn this for years, foo hundreds of years and these pipelines haveeppoven to be sstble, sturdy wwys of transporting the oil that everyonn needs and consumes.""- trt:14 [pppeline viddo]okay not hundreds of years, ut ou & get the poiin. for deeades, - ool ipeliies have 3 docuuenned contaminatioo and few, and far etteen.[tar sands viddo]the oil is simply too exxensive to leave in the ground aad ttere's a growingg 3 american petroleum institute that if not by a nearly 2--- thoosand mile pipeliie then -3 most ceetainlyytte oil will find itt way intoo the u-ssby truck or rail..[christopher
10:32 pm
-3 prandoni]sot in 34:11 "there - the oil here."trt=:088seeate shots]a bipartiianngrrup of more thhn 50 uus. senators haveecome oot in support of &pthh pipeline. [standup]in " and 69 percenn of american 3 it to move forward according -3 to a harris interacttve poll rellased this week. that finding bassd oo responses from 1001 rrgistered voters." -33 i'm kristine ffazzo reporting. -3 3&p the keystonn xl has & undergone the most extensive - pipeline apppovallprocess in &pu.s hissory...nearll five years.thh statee deparrment received the on september 19, 2000. p3 p3 theemother of a newwyork -3 student turns school spirit -3 intt a strip tease. tease. adminsttrtoos schhol are forced tooshutdown -3 paschool aasembly when a mother begins striipiig on-stage. police say 24-year-old "ay--rea meaders"
10:33 pm
waa dancing with studentss hhn she uddenly began sheddinn her clottes. 3 wasnnt aanexpected part of he & outinn but she wasnnt doing anyyhing innppropriate//butt to//suddenly she steeped o the front of the grrup threw 3 the waiit uu up meaders is charged wwth seven counts oo - child endangerment. 3 3 a cold ay after some flurries lasttnighh. night. & 3 can we get some of that p0-deggre weather baak? back? 3& emily gracey wwth a ook at whht's happening now. & now.
10:34 pm
3 3 local artist and poet marr 3 inntallaaion at his ederral pill allery.- galleryy cottman took us ffeturing paintings ffcused oo african americans. his newest worr reflectt on african american innentiins, a piicc 3 nottso amous african - ameriians o industry and developmentt 3 55227 well i kinda got p.. oc: unddrlying message 55247
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& inspire baltimore''syouth to eeploreescience and mathh 33- 3 taking the cruise line to court.. those off the shhp....but the first lawsuit has now been iled. 3 but ffrst, we profileeour latesttchampion of courage. spread hope in one of east baltimooe's touggest neighborhoods. -3 p33 happy valentine's day. i never knew he liked me. we'd have to keep it quiet. or we could just tell h.r. happy valentine's day. it would never work. try the new brownie batter donut. get any six donuts for $3.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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she's in a meeting, could you call back in 15? -- not now. nope, no. sorry, love to but can't. i'm sorry, she's very busy. enjoy the rich taste of dunkin' mocha lattes and coffees. now in dark chocolate. indulge in one today. america runs on dunkin'. every ffbruaryywe shine a & spotlight on those who are -&pmaking a dffereece in their commmnity.
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community. tonight, the turnn to vanessa williams and her summer program that'' providing hope for hundreds of kids in eass altimore. jeff kind. 3 3&p
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3 we wiil continue to hiihlight championn of ourage througout the rest of the month..-& onth. 3 tt see all f the honoree's head to ffx baatiomre dot com anddlook for champions f - coorage. &pp3 3 p gettinn ready to ffght the
10:43 pm
uudead. the controveesial praininggexcerciseedesigned & round zombies..- 3 suing over the nigghmaree cruise. he passenger who is -3 already taking carnival to -&pcourt. 3 3
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3 former thousand-dollars nncampaign funds for personnl expensess &p in a plea deal filed yesterday ... the -3 agreement calls for jackson to 3 of dollars. -3 jackson and his wife allegedly & used the money on luxury items. he faces probatiin or a maaimum of p3 3 a georgia teacher is suspendedd game with students ssmulating the sandy hook shhoting. the & teacher is a middle school band director whoowwssfiiling in for a p-e teacher. he wanted to teach the kids about the sandd hook shooting and - pecided to plly a ersion of hiieeanddseek where he pretended to shoot the studenns o tag them. the teacher will have to go througg mandaaory training and the kids havv been offered counseling. 3 federal health officiall say the flu is &pfinally easing in he u-s. 3 the c-d-c reports & influenzz activity decreased pn many areas of the country last week. 21 states
10:47 pm
pre reeorting moderate toohigh & activity. 13 reported low activity .... and 16 reporttng minimal. the lu continuee to hit olderrpeople hard with mre involving adults over 65. - 64 children have died ffom the virussthis season. 3 3 rrccnstruction f new jersey's ssaside heights boardwalk... underway.the popular vacation spot was leff destroyed by superstorm andy.the town's mayyr says the progress will -3 be quick... aad haa work could eeccmplete aaseerly as this summee. 3 3 3 shot toss to eeill 3 p3
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